• Mackenzie McElligott

Light Together.

A large field cradles a mid-sized one story home. Mahogany wood and brick, structure the stain glassed windows and warm air that fills the building. The sun hangs onto the horizon, before dipping behind a mountain; allowing night to creep in.

A flashlight scans through the window from the house, now being the only present light. Henry, a small boy, holds a flashlight close to his body as he skips across the floor. Diving behind a wall into the dining room, he illuminates a half made puzzle sitting on the kitchen table. His steps are softer as he approaches the tiled floor kitchen. Scanning the floor to guide his steps, he crouches lower to the ground afraid he might be seen.

A creak causes Henry to jolt behind the island; resting his back against the cupboard. He instinctively clicks off his flashlight, trying to contain any movement.

The whispering of crickets choruses in Henry's mind, the wind becoming a base to any sound in or out of the house. Holding his flashlight toward the ceiling he clicks his flashlight back on. A woman towers over Henry as her face becomes lit. A scream escapes his lips as Henry stares up at this woman on the island above him.

The woman smiles as she climbs from the island to sit across from Henry; he begins to giggle. He points his flashlight towards her as she sits and she in return turns her flashlight towards him.

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